hello, all

# Can not watch a troubled home INA SS4


I want ngenalin up first ya ‘

> Previously I am grateful to my sister [Shina], though not own blood brother. I thought as my brother’s brother, although we cuman in touch by phone only., Really I am very grateful for brother was willing to give this letter to brother SJ-brother, but I do not know can tersampaiin or not

> Want to be with me deh kak brother ‘# Thanks for all are kak’ [Shina] #

# Directly only to Perkenalanya yaTeukydout >>

> My name Putri Wardani Fitria aka Shin Min Rea,, the age I was 14 years (exactly 2 months ago on 02 February),,. First time I liked when I was 10 years old SJ, SJ member whom I adored the first is the older brother Kyuhyun, brother Leeteuk, Ryeowook sister 2 sister month I was AMAZED at Kang In * do not know why,, * even now I still be true Camomile # # .. Oddly enough it seems so why when I look in Kyuhyun’s brother poster even made me bored ‘# sorry if Kyuhyun brother to offend, but in reality it QUESTION:

> If no one at HandPhone numbers share Leeteuk’s brother, at first anyway I do not believe ‘someone said that if his friend’s number # hufh,,. Confused

> One more for the older brother Siwon,, [I do not know what this is fake,,,.]. Friend of my classes do not receive equal Dating If Siwon Sister Agnes Monica # I could only shake – gelengin head Seeing two sat weeping know the news ..


That ajha deh in that case I apologize if, in my words, there was a wrong ‘Please forgive me’


Twitt: @ wookie020298

Twitt name: Shin Min Rae

Facebook: Lina.Putri44 @

FB name: Fyetriye Saengcharismaticwooky WithTeuky



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